3 Things to know about a Anchorage Search Warrant

If you’re facing drug charges, you may be faced with a search warrant. This will give the police or other government agency to go through your belongings and complete an entire search of your property. However, this can be a very intrusive process, and you should be aware if the warrant is legal. It’s important always to consult with a criminal defense lawyer if you’ve been convicted of a felony of this magnitude. However, it’s in your best interest to know some things about you should do before agreeing to this action.

The process

You should know that getting a search warrant will require the assistance of the court. The officers that are attempting to go through your property must first obtain a written affidavit by the court in most cases. Keep in mind that this may be purchased by phone if the officer wants to have it quickly.

However, the officer that is trying to get the search warrant must have some factual information that makes it necessary to obtain it.

Contact your attorney

It’s important to never agree to a search of your property without first contacting your Anchorage criminal defense attorney. You should have your attorney present at all times during this action regardless of the officers that are conducting the search.

Listed below are some of the things your attorney can do for you:

  1. Ensure the search warrant has been issued by the court in your jurisdiction.
  2. Review the search papers to see if there is a time limit when the search must be completed. Additionally, check the date of the warrant to make certain that it hasn’t expired.
  3. Determine if all of your property has the right to be searched.

Don’t offer assistance

Simply because a search warrant has been issued, this doesn’t mean that you have to help the officers with the search in any way. If your Anchorage criminal defense lawyer is present, and it’s been confirmed that the warrant is a legal one, simply let the officers inside and go about your business.

There is no reason that you have to drop everything you’re doing and help in any way shape or form. This is not a requirement when it comes to being searched.

In fact, it’s not legally necessary for you to point out where any documents can be found that the individuals are searching for in your property.

Dealing with the seriousness of drug charges can be overwhelming for anyone. You can typically expect a search warrant to be served on you, and you should be prepared for this. It’s ideal to have your Anchorage AL, criminal defense lawyer by your side if your property is gone through by an officer of the law.